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Workflow app is FREE After Apple Acquisition


Apple has finally put an end to speculation by announcing the acquisition of the famous iOS task automation app Workflow. Since the buyout, the first noticeable change is that the application is available for free download from the App Store.

Workflow allows you to streamline potentially boring tasks by merging various steps in different apps into a one-tap timesaver.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited since the app is compatible with most native iPhone apps like Calendar or Contacts and also third-party apps like Facebook, Google Maps, Dropbox, etc.

You can do all sorts of stuff, from converting a web page to PDF to creating animated GIFs for different contacts.

Besides the fact that the app is now free, Apple was quick to bring some additional changes. As you can expect, the app now uses Apple Maps for all mapping related functions. Furthermore, all language translation chores are handled by Microsoft’s Translate.

But perhaps the most worrisome change is that certain applications are no longer supported. This is the case with Chrome, Uber, and Telegram. Although Apple didn’t announce if this is a permanent decision, we can expect Workflow users to be re-directed to more “Apple-friendly” apps.

The community around Workflow has mixed feelings about this acquisition, but it can be expected for a lot of new users to start using the app since it switched to a freemium model.

If you want to try this app for yourself, download the free version of Workflow from the App Store. We have included a link below.

Download Workflow from iTunes
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