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New WhatsApp Update with Revoke and Edit Options


WhatsApp is preparing to launch a new update that will let users recall and revoke sent messages and edit texts that have been already sent. It seems like the ability to revoke a message will only work with messages that haven’t been read by the recipient. In any case, this update will be a huge help for those users who text while in a rush and end up mistyping.

So far this update is trailing on the iPhone, and it’s only available for users who signed up for the Whatsapp Beta program. Even if you are a member of the WhatsApp Beta team you still have to enable this new feature from the settings menu.

According to some people who already test it, it works by pressing & holding over a sent message. This will expand a new menu icon which will have Revoke. You can see a screenshot from beta testers below.

Revoke, gives you the ability to completely remove a text from a conversation. But Revoke only works when the recipient hasn’t got around to read your text. You can Edit and then send it again.

So far, there’s no exact date on when the new Revoke and Edit features will become available for Android users.

WhatsApp users are already able to delete messages from WhatsApp, but the catch is the recipient will still see them regardless of your actions. Soon this update will be of great help to many users.

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