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5 Websites to Download PlayStore APKs to PC


Google Play Store is by far the safest source for you to download Android apps (packaged as .apk). But what happens when you’re so excited to get your hands on the latest game from your favorite developer, only to be denied by Google Play, saying that the app is not compatible with your device? People have always feared downloading apps that are suspicious of being modified by a 3rd party, but that’s not the case here since the websites featured below fetch your desired apps straight from Google Play’s database. All you have to do is provide the Google Play URL or the package name of the app in question.


APK-DL is one of my favorite APK downloaders due to the fact that the search function looks & behaves similarly to Google Play’s search engine. For example, when you type the keyword “soccer” it will display apps that have that keyword along with the option to download the APK file. No need for URL’s or package names. The speed of fetching is also pretty good, so you should definitely give it a try.


APKPure is a newcomer, but it quickly managed to become my first choice when having to download an APK file outside Google Play’s domain. Not only their site layout is the best by far (both desktop and mobile), but they offer a complete suite of solutions for handling an APK file. When searching for an app, you have the option to change the region, thus narrowing your search considerably. Other available tools include APK Install, APK Download, and APK Verification.

Evozi Apk Downloader

Evozi is a pioneer, being the first company to develop a .apk downloader script. I was amazed by the speed of generating download links and also with the quick response when you solicit to begin downloading. Evozi Apk Downloader uses T-Mobile to download the .apk file, but if you need a different data carrier you are encouraged to contact them. They’ve recently added a Chrome extension that make’s the process even easier.


Downloader-APK is another repository service dedicated to helping you discover the latest apps & games available on Play Store. While the design of the site is better looking than Evozi, the speed of execution wasn’t to my satisfaction.


Apk Leecher lets you generate as many download links as you want. Aside from the no-limit policy, similar to the sites mentioned above, there’s no need for a DeviceID, making things much more convenable for rooted devices. As a protection from piracy, they don’t allow the downloading of paid apps.

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