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View Saved WiFi Password On Android (Without Root)


There’s no question that Wi-Fi is one of the most used functions of our Android devices. WiFi networks are either free or secured with a password. Your device is programmed to store all these passwords for future use, but you can’t see them by default.

Let’s say you wanted to connect to a certain WiFi from a different gadget, but only your Android device knows the password. What do you do?

One solution will be to follow our previous guide on how to retrieve saved WiFi password from an Android device. The guide is quick and easy but there’s one tiny problem – it requires root.

If you don’t have root but still want to view saved WiFi passwords, we got you covered. But keep in mind that this process is somewhat tedious and will require a connection to a PC.

View Saved WiFi Passwords On Android (Non-Rooted Devices)

We are going to extract the wpa-supplicant.com which holds the password using the adb.

1. On your phone – Go to Settings > About Phone and tap the Build Number 7 times until you get the You are now a developer message.


2. Open the newly enabled Developer Options and turn USB debugging ON.


3. On your PC – Download and install the ADB Driver from this link if you don’t have it already.


4. On your PC – Download and install Android platform tools. If you have Android Studio on your PC, this step is not necessary.


5. Connect your Android device to your PC via a USB cable and make sure you allow USB debugging.


6. Open the platform-tools folder and Shift+Right Click anywhere inside the folder. Select Open command window here from the list.


7.  Insert the following command inside the Command Prompt window : adb pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf

Note: This command will grab a file called wpa_supplicant.conf which contains all the WiFI passwords and copy it in the root folder of C drive.

8. Open the file with a notepad and you should see a list with all the passwords. The password is located after “psk=“.

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