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How To View a Saved Wi-Fi Password On Android (Root)


Android phones collect the password for each WiFi network we connect to. We have the option to Remember the Password so that the next time we connect to that WiFi we don’t have to type it again. But even with this setting, we can’t actually see the passwords. The device remembers it for us and automatically use them when we try to connect to a recurrent WiFi.

So what do you do when you want to share a password with someone that only your device knows?

Fortunately, there is a way to recover a saved WiFi password from your Android device. But this particular process works only on rooted Android devices.

If you decide to root your device, follow one of our posts on this subject. Now follow our guide on how to recover saved Wi-Fi passwords.

How To Recover Saved Wi-Fi Passwords On a Rooted Android

1. Download & Install Es File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Download ES File Explorer


Note: You can use any other file manager, but not all will have a Root Explorer function, which we need for the purpose of this tutorial.

2. Launch ES Explorer and expand the action menu.


3. Scroll down and enable Root Explorer.


4. Scroll back up, expand the Local tab and tap on Device.


5. Navigate your way through Data > Misc.


6. Scroll all the way down and open the wifi folder.


7. Tap on wpa_supplicant.conf and open it with ES Note Editor or any other text editor.


8. You will see a list with all the networks you have used before. The password for each WiFi (ssid) can be found after psk=. Feel free to copy this information and use it as you wish.


Important!!! Don’t delete or modify any information inside this text editor. You just will end up having connectivity issues.

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