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Use Multiple Facebook & Whatsapp Accounts on Android



Forget about tedious and unreliable methods that claim to enable the use of multiple accounts on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp. Parallel Space is a new project that cleverly modifies the app signature and creates another instance, side-by-side with the original version. This means you can have 2 versions of the same app fit to use with multiple accounts. The cool thing is, you can do this trick with all your apps & games, no restrictions whatsoever. Let us see the steps to set it up.

How to use Multiple Accounts on Android

1. Download and Install Parallel Space from Google Play Store.


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2. Open Parallel Space, swipe through the initial introduction and hit Start Exploring.


3. Once you’re done with that, select the + icon to create a new instance of an app.


4. From the new tab, select the app you plan on using multiple accounts. In our example that app is Facebook.


5. Wait until a new instance of the app is added to Parallel Space.


6. See how in addition to the actual Facebook app, a new instance of Messenger has been created. This is just an example of how stable and practical this app really is.


7. To show you guys a practical example, we’re going to open an additional Messenger instance and send a message to the original Messenger App.

8. Open Messenger instance from Parallel Space and log-in with your second account.


9. Enjoy using multiple accounts on any Android app.


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