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How to Use Google Assistant in Allo



If you didn’t already know, Google recently released a messaging client dubbed Allo, which is expected to put some pressure on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Surprisingly or not, Allo’s features are substantial, to say the least – incognito mode with end-to-end encryption, SIM log-in, a huge collection of emojis & stickers, and of course the all hailed Google Assistant.

Although it’s officially still in preview mode, Google Assistant is smart and not afraid to show it. Considered to be an upgrade to Google Now, Google Assistant will keep track of your conversations, figure out the context and eagerly awaits to respond with the right information.

But don’t think of Google Assistant as just a simple chatbot, because it does a lot more than just replying with preset answers. Here’s what you can do with Google’s new AI:

Ask Existential Questions

Ok sure, asking an AI for life advice isn’t one of the brightest things you can do, but it’s certainly lots of fun. Not to mention it goes to prove the level of interactivity that Google Assistant has.

The AI is incredibly witty, and even if you can really rely on it for real-life advice, it makes up for an incredibly anti-boredom tool.

You can easily access Google Assistant from the conversation list and ask all your questions there.


Set Reminders

Similar to Google Now, Google Assistant is capable of setting reminders. The process is much simple on Allo, just open a conversation tab with Google Assistant and type “Set a Reminder“. Google Assistant will then walk you through all the steps necessary, just act natural!


Play Games

Playing games on Allo is as simple as telling Google Assistant that you want to play a game. It will then take you through the process of selecting the type and then the game you want.

It’s as simple as that, no Google Play link, no installation, just tap on a game and play immediately.



Learn New Cheesy Jokes

Apparently Google Assistant has a weakness for super cheesy jokes. You can ask for a joke by typing “tell me a joke” or some other phrase like that. Just don’t expect anything too clever.


See the Weather

This isn’t exactly news since Google Now was already capable of doing this, but still, it’s nice to see it was integrated into Allo.

The steps of getting a weather forecast in Allo are obvious. Tap on Google Assistant and ask politely.


Include Google Assistant into Your Conversations

Without a doubt,  the most useful Google Assistant feature is the ability make use of its services when talking with a friend.

Google Assistant quietly listens to your conversations and pops up when it can help. You can tap on @Google to accept advice from it or type “@Google” followed by a question to get it to appear.


Get the News

Google’s new AI  can help you stay updated on every topic you might be interested in. The steps are the same – ask politely.


Plan a Trip

Google Assistant is equipped to help you get anywhere. It can help you take the shortest route, buy train tickets and book an airplane spot. Anything to take you from point A to point B.


Use Smart Responses

We really welcome this new addition. Based on your conversations, Google Assistant is able to suggest quick responses in order to save you typing time. Of course, it’s not perfect, 90% of the time the suggestions can be inserted into your conversation without your friend noticing. Nice one Google!


Ask “What can you do?”

Although we covered the most important features that are currently available, new functionalities are constantly added since Google Assistant is still in development. You can ask Google Assistant what it’s capable of doing by typing “what can you do” inside the Google’s chat window.


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