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How to Use FaceApp to Age Your Face or Swap Your Gender


We are living in the age of the selfie, so it’s understandable that there are a huge plethora of apps capable of making you look slimmer, taller, better looking or even complement you with a nice piece of dog ears.

But every once in a while comes an app so innovative that makes everybody flock to it. The new big thing is FaceApp, a fun photo app that is capable of altering your gender, make you older or younger as well as adding a big smile to your face.

It works by using a thing called neural network , a cutting-edge technology that makes it easier for AIs to use and manipulate photos.

Keep in mind that FaceApp is by no means perfect. So don’t install thinking it will modify every picture into perfection. What we can say for sure is that FaceApp is by far the best app that uses neural network technology. We tested with several pictures and got mixed results.

We tested with several pictures and got mixed results. Some modifications were surprisingly good, but somewhere filled with inappropriate colors that yielded truly ugly results.

How to Use FaceApp to Transform Your Selfies

1. Download & Install FaceApp from Google Play Store or App Store, depending on your phone.

2. Open up the app and take a selfie or upload one from your Camera Roll.

3. Upload the picture and let the app process it.

4. Scroll through the results by tapping on the emojis.

5. You can also create a collage with the most successful transformations by selecting  Collage and tapping on the “+” button.

6. You can export your results or download locally by tapping on one of the social media icons or the download button.

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