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Top SQLite Manager Alternatives for Mac



Having covered the best SQLite managers for Windows, it’s only natural to showcase some Mac alternative. Without further ado, this post will feature a list with the most popular SQLite Managers for Mac users.

1. SQLiteManager

SQLiteManager combines incredible speed with an intuitive interface, packed together with some key advanced features. This software makes it easy for Mac users to handle plain databases, AES 128/256/RC4 encrypted database, in-memory database and even cubeSQL server databases. Some of the key features that I mentioned earlier are in-line editing, built-in Lua scripting language, chart generator, advanced export and import capabilities and a smart disassembler for a virtual machine.

2. SQLiteStudio

SQLiteStudio distinguishes itself by being a portable yet powerful software. It’s very light but will handle any database with haste. It’s has a number of features for SQLite 3 and SQLite 2 within a smart GUI. My favorite thing about it is the easiness with which the importing and exporting is done on various formats. It’s also customizable, letting you change fonts, colors, and shortcuts. I suggest you give this software a try, it’s an open source released under the GPLv3 license and most importantly it’s free!

3. SQLPro

SQLPro is the premier software for Mac OS X users. The reasons why it’s so popular among Mac OS X users are the simple and effective execution of SQLite management chores. Popular features include custom queries, auto complete, inline data filtering, table creation. You can modify triggers, update data, revise foreign keys, all within a reliable software.

4. SQLite Database Browser

SQLite Database Browser is yet another open source software for handling SQLite databases. It enables Mac users to edit, design and create files compatible with SQLite. It’s a top pick for developers looking for a quick way to create, edit and search in their software database. The advantage of this software is its intuitive nature and the fact that it doesn’t require any knowledge of SQL commands.

5. Valentina Studio

Valentina studio is a helpful software for Mac users and developers looking to administer, create and query. It’s capable of handling SQLite databases, MariaDB, Postgre, MySQL and obviously Valentina DB. Users can create, alter, browse tables, change triggers and many more. You can write SQL queries with an auto-completion feature.

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  1. Just a heads up but Valentina Studio itself is free. The PRO version isn’t free but also includes many features you’d need if you are also designing reports, or doing forward engineering diagramming.


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