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Top 10 Mobile App Testing Tools



Every app developer must take all the steps necessary to ensure that a new app has as few issues as possible upon release. Nowadays there’re a plethora of testing tools in the hands of developers. You can use them to spread beta versions for testing and receive feedback with potential problems.

By making use of the testers data, you can collect analytics, crash reports and virtually any feedback you could possibly want. We have put together a list with the best free & paid testing tools that will help you publish better apps.


Experitest is a hugely popular platform trusted by fortune 500 companies like Samsung, Barclays and MCAffee. This platform is among the best in mobile testing automation, manual testing and monitoring. It supports all the operating systems on the market: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

The platform’s business revolves around big teams and although they offer a free trial of 30 days initially, you will have to pay $3500/year to make use of their services.

The best features of Experitest are:

  • 24/7 test automation across all devices
  • Full test portability across all mobile devices
  • Extensive monitoring of post-launch user experience and responsiveness
  • Analytics on optimal performance under different load conditions
  • Manual testing on any local or remote device
  • Reports with included screenshots
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Google Play Native App Beta Testing

Chances are if you are an Android developer you already know about this testing tool, but we mentioned just to be sure. It can be accessed via the Developer console and you can use a personal Google account to access it. Although it’s recommended to register a new account if you are part of an organisation.

What you should know:

  • All potential testers need to have a Gmail or a Google Apps Publisher account in order to join the test
  • If you want to conduct further testing on published apps, only users that are in your test group will receive the new beta version
  • After publishing your beta APK for the first time, it may take a couple of hours for the build to reach your testers
  • You don’t have to build a production APK to be able to publish a beta app
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Xamarin Test Cloud

Xamarin platform allows automated app testing on more than 2000 real devices in the cloud. The platform allows for easy testing of practical actions that real users take, from swiping to scrolling and dragging.

All your performance problems on any OS will be tracked down and arranged in an intuitive way. This will help you know when the app is ready for release. Using a framework called Calabash, Xamarin is able to test any iOS or Android app starting from UI level and going down to the bottom.

They are careful in taking care of their usual clients, offering the help of expert automation engineers that will guide and coach their clients through every move.

The pricing starts at $99/month with the Start package and might reach $379 with the Scale plan. Keep in mind that all their billings are done annually.

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Ubertesters is a complete user-based testing suite of testing solutions. It offers a variety of tools for distributing beta apps and reporting bugs. You can update or disable any version of your build anytime you want.

You can choose from the free and premium plans, but, depending on your volume of projects, the free plan might prove to be enough. With the free plan, you can have only 2 projects with a maximum of 100MB of storage in total.

Currently, only iOS and Android testing are available, but the site owners have announced that they are working on supporting Windows also.

Notable features of Ubertesters include:

  • Team Management
  • Easy integration with external bug tracking tools
  • Messaging with testers
  • Easy distribution of multiple builds versions
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Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android. It was built with the philosophy that the testing of apps shouldn’t require the developer to include an SDK.

The developers are given the freedom to go with their preferred test practices, tools, and frameworks. The fact that its one of the few open source tools in the market has encouraged the Appium community to grow and support each other. With that being said, if you’re looking for a starting point, this will be the place.

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Hockey App

Hockey app was bought by Microsoft and it allows developers to test their apps beta versions on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Mac OS.

Since the acquisition by Microsoft, HockeyApp doesn’t offer a free plan anymore. Prices start at 10$ per month and will allow you to test up to 5 applications. The plus side is you will have unlimited storage capacity and number of developers per project.

Notable features include:

  • Crash reports and analysis are integrated with version control
  • Team User Management
  • Prompt feedback
  • Various reports on hardware and OS
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EggPlant Mobile

EggPlant Mobile is a platform that facilitates mobile testing using Android and iOS Gateway agents to connect remotely to live devices or emulators. This feat is instrumental in testing apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

The advantages of using EggPlant Mobile are

  • No jail-breaking
  • Full device control
  • No altering of the application
  • Single script for all platform and devices

Eggplant offers a free trial initially and if you want to continue in making use of their services, you’ll have to contact support for a pricing offer.

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TestFlight Beta Testing

TestFlight was initially a free tool for Android and iOS app developers and was gaining popularity really fast due to the fact that it was free. However, Apple managed to acquire it after some time and the Android support was removed.

Since then, Testflight has become the number one choice for iOS developers to test their apps for free before release. It allows developers to invite up to 1000 testers via email to try their app. They will receive an external download link leading to the App Store.

You can also build a test team for your releases and TestFlight allows you to add up to 25 members. Each member of your team is allowed to test your build on maximum 10 devices. You can test your apps on iPhone and any other iOS touch running device. Unfortunately, Mac apps cannot be tested in TestFlight.

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TestDroid is yet another platform that allows Android and iOS developers to test their apps on thousands of real devices by automation scripts or manual testing.

TestDroid has a 1-month free trial plan for developers to try the platform and see what it has to offer. A free trial will get you access to automated and manual testing on a list of free devices. You can see detailed results, logs, video recordings of testing sessions, screenshots and more.

If you’re serious about it, you can opt for one of the 3 paid plans:

  • Solo – $49 / month
  • Team – $399 / month
  • Business – $1499 / month

With a Solo plan, you are allowed to test on all Android & iOS devices with unlimited users and concurrent devices. If you go for the highest plans, all your texting experiments will have top priority and extended support.

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The basic package of TestFairy is free but you can opt for an Enterprise Package if you’re part of a bigger team.

One of the features that really stands out from the others is video recording from testers as opposed to just screenshots. You can track CPU, Memory, Video Card, GPS, Network monitoring, logs, crash reports and more.

Android developers have an easier job when trying to test an app on TestFairy because they don’t need to integrate any SDK or APIs in their beta. The only thing left to do is upload the APK on the platform. Then, the TestFairy algorithm disassembles the APK and inserts the necessary beacons in order to gather the required information.

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