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Top Android Apps to Quit Smoking


Are you a smoker? Do you want to quit smoking? If yes, then take at look at these apps. These are some of the best apps in the store that will assist and help you to stop smoking.

1. Smoke Free, stop smoking help

Google Rating 4.6Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Well Organized Smoke Free Calendar

Huge Amount of Money Saving Statistics

Craving Diary With Daily Notifications

Smoke Free Badges (Free and Pro Version)

Ability to Share Achievements With Your Friends on Social Media

2. Quit Smoking

Google Rating 4.7Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Smoking Widget Accessible From Your Home Screen

Timer Function That Keeps Track on Your Abstinence Period

Health Tab That Displays Statistics

Ability to See How Much Money You Save by Not Smoking

Adjustable Transparency Slider

3. Quit smoking - Smokerstop

Google Rating 4.5Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Set Your Own Goals and Stick With Them

Personal Mentor That Helps With Motivation

Visualization of the Recovery Process

Daily Notifications With Advantages of Non-smoking

Achievements Based on Your Personal Statistics

4. Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking

Google Rating 4.5Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Smoking Timeline With Health Benefits

Smoke Free Daily Rewards

Smoking-free Tracker With Statistics

Money Savings Tab That Shows All the Money You Saved by Not Smoking

Translation in Multiple Languages

5. Drop It! Quit Smoking

Google Rating 4.2Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Lightweight With Fast Loading Times

Easy to Configure With Tutorials

Extensive Information on Health Benefits

Ability to Share Stats and Medals via Sms

Social Media Hub to Connect With Others

6. QuitNow! PRO - Stop smoking

Google Rating 4.6Amazon Rating 3.0PaidVisit PlayStore

Enhanced Health Screen Updated Every Second

50+ More Achievements Than Free Version

Indicators and Notifications About Your Progress

Multiple Device Support

Conversation History Between Other Users

7. Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Google Rating 4.5Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Personal Statistics Regarding Abstinence Period, Cigarettes Not Smoked and More

Proven Facts About a Non-smoker’s Health Improvement

Distractive Games That Make You Forget About Smoking Cravings

Daily Achievements for a 30 Day Period

Widgets That Show Helpful Information on Your Home Screen

Seamless Facebook Integration

8. Quit smoking - QuitNow!

Google Rating 3.0Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Health Indicators Based on WHO Stats

Calendar to Show Progress

Custom Profile Customization

Social Media Integration With Facebook, Twitter and Google+

9. Get Rich or Die Smoking

Google Rating 4.6Amazon Rating 4.0FreeVisit PlayStore

Sophisticated Reward System With Daily Rewards

Relapse Button in Case You Go Back to Smoking

2 Widgets for Displaying Your Progress

Trophies Regarding Time, Money Saved and Cigarettes Not Smoked

Various Info Screens of Smoking Costs

Extensive Smoking Statistics

10. Kwit - stop smoking cigarette

Google Rating 4.3Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Over 60 Achievements, Levels and Ranking

Benefits With Live Statistics

Ability to Share Your Progress With Facebook, Twitter or by Email

40 Different Motivational Cards

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