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Top Android Apps to Make You Look Thinner


Now you can enhance your beauty, look slimmer, remove blemishes and lot more stuff with apps. Here, we have listed some of the best apps that can make you look thinner.

1. Spring-It's stylish, it's sexy

Google Rating 4.4Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Slimming and Head Resizing Function

It Alters Your Body Proportionately in Order to Maintain a Natural Look

Body and Head Are Modified Separately

Manual Face Recognition Which Avoids Unnecessary Issues

Body Modifications Is Done by Manually Assign 3 Lines: Shoulders, Hips and Ankles

2. Cymera: Photo & Beauty Editor

Google Rating 4.4Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Body Shaping Function That Make You Look Slimmer

Photo Editor Capable of Lifting Your Hips

Easily Modify Bow Legs to Get a Slim Look

Simple Slimming Function for Your Waist

Free Version Has a Watermark

3. Meitu

Google Rating 4.5Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Complete Photo Editor for a Virtual Facelift

Make Yourself Look Slimmer or Ad Curves With Smart Gestures

Stretching Your Fingers Across the Screen Will Make Your Legs Look Longer and Slimmer

Modifications Don’t Stand Out and Maintain a Natural Look

Tons of Fine Tuning Tools That Will Make Your Body Look Just the Way You Want It

4. Wonder Camera

Google Rating 4.1Amazon Rating 3.8FreeVisit PlayStore

Smart Face Slimming Technology

Face Lifting Function

Only Works With Selfies

Sharing Options That Allow You to Export Modified Pictures in Any Social Media App

5. Body Plastic Surgery

Google Rating 4.2Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Decrease or Increase Width for a Slim or Chubby Look

Modifications Can Be Applied to a Particular Area or to the Whole Picture

Features That Allow You to Slim the Waist, Widen the Shoulders or Make the Head Look Smaller

Gesture Based Editor That Gives You Complete Control

6. BIKINI - Body shaping App

Google Rating 4.1Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Body Shaping App Designed for Women

Offers Correction Features Similar to Photoshop

Natural Face Reduction Technology

Breast Enlargement Function

Waist and Hip Correction That Will Make Your Body Look Fantastic

7. Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite

Google Rating 3.7Amazon Rating 2.5FreeVisit PlayStore

Breast Augmentation/reduction Technology

Weight Loss Function to Achieve Results Similar to a Liposuction

Muscle Augmentation Technology

Gesture Based Photo Editor

Works Well With Both Body Shots and Selfies

8. Make me Thin

Google Rating 3.0Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Squeeze Function to Make You Look Thin

Stretch Function to Make You Look Taller or Shorter

Lots of Additional Magic Mirror Effects

Integration With Social Media Network Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Etc.


Google Rating 3.8Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Slimming Function That Naturally Slims Your Body and Face

Slims Your Body and Face Separately

You Can Even Make Yourself Look Slimmer in a Group Photo

Head Resizing Capabilities

Technology for Breast Enlargement/ Reduction for Ladies

10. BIKINI - Make Me Slim

Google Rating 4.1Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Virtual Slimming App Targeted Towards Women

Gesture-based for Body Shaping

Waist and Hip Correction Function

Breast Enlargement or Reduction Function

Share the Modified Pictures Directly on Facebook, Whatsapp and Other Social Media Networks

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