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Top Android Apps to Fight Depression and Stress


We have covered apps that will help you to manage stress, depression, anxiety and other related issues. These apps will help in self-monitoring, identifying mental patterns, changing stressful habits and engaging in mood-enhancing tasks.

1. MoodTools - Depression Aid

Google Rating 4.3Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Customizable Thought Diary

Extensive Information for Different Depression Conditions

Anti-Depression Activities

Anti Suicidal Safety Plan

Collection of Helpful Anti-Depression Videos

Tests to Evaluate the Severity of Depression

2. Depression Test

Google Rating 3.4Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Self-Questionnaire Test

Depression Tracker and Evaluator

Ability to Self-test for Major Depressions

Fairly Reliable Diagnostic Results

Not a Replacement for Professional Diagnosis

3. Headspace - meditation

Google Rating 4.5Amazon Rating 4.2FreeVisit PlayStore

Mind Training

Basic Anti-Depression Meditation Courses

Personalized Progress Bar

Personalized Buddy System for Motivation

Daily Rewards for Regular Meditation

Offline Mode

4. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Google Rating 4.2Amazon Rating 3.6FreeVisit PlayStore

Articles About Clinical Depression

Emotion Training Courses

Relaxation Audio Tracks

Effective Cognitive Thought Diary

Depression Assistance Audio-book

Screening Tests

Severity of Depression Graph

5. Relieve Depression Hypnosis

Google Rating 3.8Amazon Rating 3.6FreeVisit PlayStore

Audio Sessions that Relieve Depression Episodes

Audio Hypnosis Read by a Soothing Voice

Peaceful Background Music During Lessons

Hypnotic Booster (Pro Feature)

Customizable Controls for Voice, Background and Hypnotic Booster

Works Best With Headsets

6. Brain Waves - Binaural Beats

Google Rating 4.5Amazon Rating 4.0FreeVisit PlayStore

Generates Binaural Beats That Help You Relax

Sounds Induce Relaxation, Creativity and Will Help You Meditate

Can Run in Background at the Same Time With Other Apps

Produces Relaxing Sounds While Blocking Other Noises

Works Best With Headsets

Not Recommended to Use While Driving

7. TalkLife - You're Not Alone

Google Rating 4.3Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Talk With People Going Through the Same Struggles as You

Safe Place to Talk About Mental Health, Depression, Self-harm Etc.

No Bullying, No Judgments.

Help Others by Sharing Tips and Advices Based on Your Own Experience

Open Up About Your Identity or Post Anonymously

8. Diary - Mood Tracker

Google Rating 4.7Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Huge Database With Personalized Mood Icons

Statistics About Your Mood and Activities

Monthly and Yearly Charts

Safety Backup of Entries via Google Drive

Ability to Set Reminders to Your Entries

9. MoodSpace

Google Rating 4.2Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Interactive Mood Workouts

Effective Habit Building Exercises

Thought Diary With Highly Customizable Entries

It’s Based on Latest Research Into Depression Treatments

Various Coping Strategies Designed to Fight Depression

10. Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help

Google Rating 4.2Amazon Rating 3.9FreeVisit PlayStore

Ability to Create Emotion and Mood List

Well-structured Challenge List

Cognitive Therapy System to Alleviate Depression

Ability to Add Coping Statements to Your Entries

Customizable UI Design

11. Fight Depression Naturally

Google Rating 4.4Amazon Rating 5.0FreeVisit PlayStore

List With Food Recipes That Help With Depressing Thoughts

Known Techniques That Help With Depression

Good Inspiration Songs

Over 100 Hours of Relaxing Nature Sounds

Mediation Songs to Fight With Depression

Binaural Beats for Enhanced Concentration During the Day

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