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Top Android Apps to Clone Pics


With cloning apps you can have fun multiplying your photos, adding effects, combing them and more. Within minutes you can edit and share. Here, we have listed some of the best apps to clone your pics.

1. Clone Yourself - Split Pic

Google Rating 3.9Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Clone Up to 2 Images in the Free Version

30+ Different Photo Effects

Various Warmth and Contrast Adjustments

18 Overlay Light Effects

Video Tutorials to Learn Techniques

2. Split Camera

Google Rating 4.0Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Clone Yourself or a Friend in a Single Picture

Adjust Split and Bending Effects

Self-time to Make Cloning Easier

Automatic Adjustments for Shots That Aren’t Perfectly Aligned

Square Picture Format, Suitable for Social Media Sharing

3. Clone Camera

Google Rating 4.1Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Customizable Self-timer

Various Filters to Enhance Your Clone Photos

Preview Mode to Check the Final Result While You’re Editing

You Can Combine Up to 4 Photos

Support for High Resolution Images

4. Split Pic 2.0 - Clone Yourself

Google Rating 3.9Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Select From 6 Different Layouts

Clone Yourself or Swap Out Body Parts

Various Adjustment Settings for Your Images

Blending Filters That Will Allow You to Create Awesome Looking Pictures

Integrated Social Media Networks Including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

5. Split Camera HD

Google Rating 4.2Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Take Two Pictures, Merge Them Together and Clone Yourself

Split and Blending Adjustments

Additional Optional Filters

Customizable Self-timer

Social Media Integration

6. Clone Camera

Google Rating 3.8Amazon Rating 1.5FreeVisit PlayStore

Use 2 to 4 Split Views to Create an Action Decomposition

Brightness and Position Adjustments

Self-timer Function

Camera Filter Effects

Option to Set a Higher Resolution to a Clone Photo

7. Twin Me! Clone Camera Free

Google Rating 3.9Amazon Rating 2.5FreeVisit PlayStore

Split Screen Mode

Autostitcher That Will Make Merged Pictures Look Better

Front Camera Functionality

Retake a Botched Picture by Pressing the Back Button

Work Best With Detailed Backgrounds

8. Payker Clone Camera (FREE)

Google Rating 3.8Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Smart Self-timer

Image Filters for That Help With Clone Integration

Picture Quality Adjustments

Take From 2 to 4 Photos

Social Media Integration With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr

9. Clone Camera

Google Rating 3.6Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Use 2 to 4 Pictures to Create Split Views

Smart Transparent Background to Help You Adjust Brightness and Position

Fine Tune Function

Redo Last Shot Function

10. Split Pic Pro

Google Rating 3.6Amazon Rating NAFreeVisit PlayStore

Create Social Stories and Clone Photos

Flash Modes and Over 20 Different Effects

Ability to Add Instacaptions

High Resolution Export Capabilities

Option to Save and Resume Later

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