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If you’re one of those guys that jumped on the app development train since it started to be cool, you probably know that it was hard to cash in. Indie developers were constantly getting slammed with low click-through rates and commercial companies weren’t happy with their revenue. Regardless of that, times change, the industry is booming so everybody is trying to get a piece of the pie. The key word now is variety. A great number of ad networks are staking a claim in the business with various monetization models and developers couldn’t be happier. Let’s take a look at the main players and the promising newcomers of the mobile advertising network industry.


AdMob is usually the first choice for developers looking to monetize their app. Due to the fact that it’s owned by Google, publishers and developers have access to a pool of over one million advertisers worldwide. What makes it really great is the integration system (SDK) which is very versatile; helping developers with the money-making on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. AdMob supports both mobile phone and tablets. Money usually comes in on a CPC basis, but some advertisers prefer the CPM as well. You have a wide variety of ad formats to choose from, starting with banner and interstitial ads, ranging to interactive and custom search ads.

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So we’ve looked at Google’s way of doing business, now let’s switch focus to the other side. iAd is Apple’s equivalent of AdMob, providing developers with an ad network for all iOS devices ( iPhone,iPod, and iPad).Without question, it’s the largest iOS based ad network for mobile developers. The good thing is that it has a huge network of advertisers and the payout rate for developers is high at 70%.So what’s the downside? They only support iOS, so developers that are looking to reach the maximum audience for their apps tend to stay away from iAd.

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ChartBoost seems to be the sugar daddy of every major mobile game developer in the world for Android and iOS. Their specialty is games, and they do it well, working with 90% of developers that are leading the Top 10 grossing games. ChartBoost does business by allowing developers to buy & sell advertising space to each other on their own terms, creating a dynamic system that proved to be a huge success. They also facilitate single developers to cross-promote apps internally while being able to opt for a more traditional ad network model. Revenue is calculated with CPC and CPI models.

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StartApp came to attract developers by providing new solutions like smart targeting and next-level ad units for Android and iOS. They also have a long list of revenue models for their clients( CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM).Their ad formats include app icons, in-app ads, video, interstitial and full page. StartApp has a very robust system going on; instead of placing ads randomly, they make sure the right campaign gets to the right audience. Their marketing team boasts with higher user engagement and a pool of over 200,000 Apps that use their services.

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This company was founded by app developers who knew the importance of an open source SDK. Their pitch is on transparency, so they enabled publishers and developers alike to decide between ad networks, direct ads or a real-time bidding system. On top of that, the platform offers a suite of analytical tools that help publishers monitor their campaigns carefully and cash in harder! They even support cross promotions and the platform does a very good job of supporting all size of phones and tablets. Their preferred remuneration model is CPC and they do business exclusively with banners and rich media, on both Android and iOS platforms.

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Acquired by Yahoo in 2014 Flurry is a great way for a developer or a company to oversee a large portfolio of Apps, regardless of their platform. It’s all highly customizable; you have a large selection of filters to choose from, including separating free users from paid ones. Flurry is definitely one of the top choices for the developers that have a hands-on approach with their apps.

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Right now, InMobi is the most important independent player in the ad network industry. They have a global reach on the market, being a constant presence in US, Europe, India and Africa. The company offers UDID-less tracking for apps, event tracking and conversions charts. Customers can easily analyze post-click conversions through multiple networks. InMobi is available for Android, iOS and Mobile Web.

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Smaato should be considered if you’re looking for programmatic advertising and real-time bidding. The platform offers high revenues for developers and is connected to over 400 demand partners. Their kit is free to integrate and the potential for revenue is high if you get some love from their demand partners.

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LeadBolt is a mobile ad network that serves steadfast methods for developers and advertisers alike to cash in from their app. The company has experienced a bolt-like growth and aims to deliver monetization through a unified SDK that allows for both traditional and advanced ad formats to be used.

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