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Tips to Increase Your Android Game Revenue



The Google Play Store is currently the host of the most epic battleground, where developers compete for supremacy like never before. The competition is very good for the users because they get more quality apps to choose from. However, from a developer’s point of view, having to share revenue with a ton of other guys is certainly not a pleasant situation. Because of this, developers are on a constant look-out to implement new strategies that will make them earn more from their apps.

Here are some useful tips that will make your game win over the competition:

Build a Game that is Capable of Going Global

Reaching a global audience should be your number one priority from the very beginning. Your code, screen layouts, presentations, characters and structure should be easily adaptable to any local market.

Here are some good practices you’ll want to adopt:

  • Leave extra space between your interface elements. This will avoid issues when translating the game in multiple languages.
  • Store all the content you will have to change when adapting to a new market in a resource file. This will spare you the trouble of re-coding every time you localize.
  • Use system formats for numbers, date, time and currencies so your app matches the user’s settings.

Try a Freemium Model

The idea is to offer a basic version of your game for free, and then charge players for accessing premium levels and items of your game. Another approach is to insert ads in the free version and offer players an ad-free paid version.

Cross-Promote All Your Games

Cross-promotion involves making your apps promote each other through their audiences, which makes a great free way to promote your games. You can do cross promotion using your own space while having normal ads from advertising networks.

Don’t Make Your Game Data Connection Dependent

You should always try to make your game use as little data bandwidth as possible. The reason we advise you on this is, reliable data connections aren’t available to anyone. A game that can run without incoming data connections will gain more players and reach a larger audience.

Make the Initial Installation Package Small

If you have a larger game size, consider making the original game package as small as possible. Some users are on inferior Android devices and will skip installing your game because of slow speed or space shortage.

Conduct your Marketing Locally

To get the most out of your marketing campaigns, you need to adapt your pitch for every local audience. Make sure you adjust your store listing for each audience and seek support from local bloggers or community members that can help you spread your game in their language on social media channels. Also, consider localized ad campaigns to boost installs in a market that treats your game well.

Create an Awesome Game Trailer

Users make the final decision after looking at your game store listing. Make sure you make a good impression and give them a realistic idea of what your game is about. When you create a trailer, make sure you adapt it to each specific market. Highlight the features you think they will identify with, use a localized voiceover or, at least, a translated subtitle.

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