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Beginner’s Guide on Reskinning Apps



Building an app from scratch is a long and costly process. The cost of retaining a programmer’s services, while focusing on marketing and thinking about how to keep the content updated for your customers is tiresome work and will drain your wallet really fast.

Because of this huge impediment, seasoned developers advocated a new method for app enthusiasts to get a piece of this huge market. It’s called app reskinning and it’s the new hot thing in app development!

What does app reskinning mean?

It’s the process modifying or changing the design components of an app while retaining the source code. It’s very popular among games and productivity apps. Let’s say you bought a game source code. You’ll need to modify the background image, music and sound effects, change the existing graphic elements and it’s pretty much ready to publish. You don’t change anything about how the game is played, you just repackage it in your own design.

Why would I reskin instead of fully develop an app?

It’s all about the money. Developers and publishers alike only really care about two things from their apps: the cost of production and revenue. If you choose to reskin you don’t have to code everything yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. On top of that, you would need some someone to design the interface. More money more problems! By reskinning, you’ll just have to make creative design changes, no coding skills required. So, by far, the biggest advantage of reskinning an app is to save money.

Depending on your priorities, another huge advantage is the time spent on building your app. If you’ve got your hands on a working code, all that’s left to do is insert all your graphics, sounds and your own advertising code so that it’s revenue gets to you. It takes some practice, but you’ll eventually be able to release an app a day. If you would have gone by the classic approach, you’ll spend months on development and drain your wallet dry.

How come users don’t get tired of downloading the same app over and over again?

Not at all. If you do a good job in reskinning your app will stand out from others in the store. Users usually have a preferred gameplay for their games, so if your game/app is better looking than most, you will get downloads for sure. To put this into perspective, just take a look at what’s going on in Google Play or App Store right now. See how many apps have the same gameplay/content, aside from a number of small tweaks. Their number is huge!

This concept of flipping apps is a thriving and profitable trend, allowing developers to boost up their profits significantly while keeping the production cost low.

A Common Example of Reskinning

There are thousands and thousands of success stories but let me preach about a popular one so that you can relate. Remember those days when Flappy Bird was at his prime and suddenly it’s developer decided to end it forever? What followed made quite a lot of mobile developers both happy and rich. You can buy a flappy bird source code clone for under 50$. With some graphic design skills and a little inspiration, you can turn it into something like nyan. Flappy Nyan has over 5 million downloads in Google Play, a 4.5 average rating and over 189.000 5 star reviews. This guy makes a lot of money, and he’s not the only one. There are hundreds of flappy bird clones with decent downloads in Google Play alone, and I’m only talking about one source code. The possibilities are endless!


How about the cost? Is it really that cheap to reskin?

The price obviously varies in correlation with the complexity of the app. You can get your hands on a source code anywhere from 10$ to 1000$. It may sound pricey but think about the cost of creating an app from scratch. Depending on its functionality, after you’ve paid your coders and designers you might look at 5000$ worth of production cost.

If you reskin, you’ll end up reducing your production costs while maximizing the revenue. You have the potential of turning 10$ worth of code into a 100$ bill with just a day of work.

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