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Top 15 Wireframing Tools of 2017



Striping a product down to the visual part allows the people involved to concentrate solely on user interactivity and visual features. This process is called wireframing and it’s a huge help for developers looking to showcase to their clients how the finite product will work. Wireframing helps clients see a visual representation of the project, instead of it being explained verbally or by text. In an effort to save you valuable time, we’ve compiled a list of tools that will help you create wireframe blueprints.



Moqups is a nifty web-based HTML5 platform that can be used to create wireframes, mockups and UI concepts for websites and apps. The intuitive nature of Moqups will allow you to shape your prototypes exactly how you imagine them. You can use this tool for free before you decide on spending money on a paid plan. A basic account costs $13/month and the ultimate plan is priced at $29. If you opt for an annual billing you have the possibility to save up to 40% of the total price.

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Pidoco is a web-based platform and includes a collection of diverse interface elements that can be used to create online prototypes. The good thing about Pidoco is the easiness with which you can add multiple layers and pages. You can easily share projects online with your clients and encourage them to give collaborative feedback via the built-in system. Depending on the plan you choose, expect to pay from $12 to $175 for a monthly access pass. You can also download and view your projects on your phone with the Pidoco app.

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Visio interface will feel very familiar if you are accustomed to Microsoft products like Word or Excel. The great thing about Visio is the plethora of tools it has when creating technical diagrams. It also offers additional tools like Swipr, which will help you create and export HTML prototypes. The not so great thing about it is the price. The cheapest version of Visio costs $600, so if you’re not planning on creating complicated technical diagrams, it’s best to choose a cheaper wireframing tool.

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Pencil Project


Pencil Project is an open source wireframe software, available for both Windows & Mac. This free software comes with a nice variety of free templates that have the potential to save you some good hours of work. Some of the stand-out features are multi-page documents, full scaling, rotation, z-ordering and external object import. What we really appreciated about the Pencil Project is the ability to import to HTML, Open Office, Word, PDF, and PNG.

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FlairBuilder was built around Adobe Air platform. Like the majority of wireframing products, it uses a drag & drop interface. You can create multi-page projects and include a comment section along with a site map. You can export your clickable prototypes as HTML and share them online. The graphics elements are split between high-fidelity and low-fidelity style. The software is priced at $99, one-time payment.

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HotGloo is a Web-based tool that was built with Flash. The set of features offered by HotGloo can be used to create far more than simple clickable objects. Among other things, with HotGloo you have the ability to set which elements to display when a user is logged-in or when a guest uses your prototype. You also have the ability to export your project to PDF, but most of the cool features that HotGloo has will be lost in the process. You’re better off starting with 15 days free trial prior to deciding if the tool is worth it. The pricing starts at $14/month and can climb to $50 if you opt for an agency plan.

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Framebox is probably the safest bet if you’re looking for a free and simple wireframe tool. It has intuitive drag & drop elements, and you don’t need any real training to start working with this tool. In an effort to explain thoroughly what you product does, you can include a title and a description to each of your elements. Once you’ve completed your wireframe, Framebox gives you the option to share your project as a unique URL.

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iPhone Mockup


Similar to Framebox, iPhone Mockup is yet another free web-based wireframe tool, with the exception that it was constructed to create only iPhone interfaces. You have 2 visual styles to choose from – illustration and pencil, each with their unique features. Once you complete your wireframe, you can share the prototype via a unique URL.

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Justinmind strikes us as a surprisingly clean and organised collection of interface elements that can be used to build a wireframe. This web-based tool has elements and widgets for Android, iOS, Blackberry and SAP. You can import you own graphics or customise them yourself using some of the stylings available. Exporting is limited to HTML, and with the price plans ranging from $20 to $30 dollars for a monthly subscriptionc($500 for a perpetual licence), Justinmind is definitely an option to consider if you’re mostly working with mobile wireframes.

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MockFlow is a web-based wireframing tool with a classic drag & drop approach. What’s unique about MockFlow is that you can make custom elements and add them to the user library. You can get a basic account for free or opt for a premium account for $14 a month. If you are part of a team, consider getting the TeamPack plan which is priced at $29 and includes additional chat features and live collaboration options.

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Balsamiq Mockups


Mockups by Balsamiq is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The price is fixed at $90, but you can opt for a free trial before you decide if it’s worth the money or not. You have a huge variety of elements to choose, from buttons to lists, each element is added by dragging & dropping.

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Axure is one of the best tools when it comes to creating HTML prototypes for both apps and websites. It is available for Mac & Windows and pitches itself as being one of the few wireframing tools that can be used without any coding knowledge. Some of the key features of Axure include sitemaps, complex widgets and a huge variety of user interface elements. A great asset about Axure is that you can view and show your app prototype straight from your phone using the built-in share option. A standard perpetual licence is priced at $289 and the pro version costs $589.

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IPlotz is a Flash-based wireframing tool with a set of solid drag & drop elements. You can create a free account but you will be limited to creating only 1 project with 5 additional pages. A single user license is priced at $15/month or $99/year. If you opt for the Iplotz Desktop plan, you’ll have the ability to add notes and tasks to your team members.

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If your work revolves around the iPad design, it may make sense to create app prototypes directly from the device itself. This iTunes app will help you use the right sizes for your active areas. Penultimate allows you to sketch your ideas easily and send them to your clients in seconds. The basic account is free and the premium version costs about $20/year, depending on your country.

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