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Solve Your Curiosities on iOS with Conrad Wise


Conrad Wise is a new iOS app that is getting positive reviews by Apple fans. At its core, the app is a web crawler that is very quick to answer any burning questions you might have about life, the world and basically anything.


The reason why we didn’t put Conrad Wise in the same bowl with similar web crawlers or virtual assistants is its personality. The developers managed to build a know-it-all persona around the app, and that is precisely what appeals to users the most. The sessions of question and answers are cleverly integrated into an instant messenger format, giving users the impression that they are having an actual conversation.


Conrad Wise is especially appealing for kids or adults that are curious by nature. It’s also comforting if you don’t have any friends. We’ve included a download link and a quick guide down below.

Solve Your Curiosities on iOS with Conrad Wise

1. Download & Install Conrad Wise from the iTunes.

Visit iTunes

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2. Start up Conrad Wise and select your preferred language.


3. Write the topic you’re interested in getting more information on.


4. If you want more information on that subject, tap “Enlighten me more


That’s how it works.

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