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How to Share Text Status Updates on WeChat Moments



WeChat is already a super-app in the Asian app markets. The reason for that is because it does a great number of things. You can think of WeChat as a swiss army knife. Once you got it on your phone, there’s no reason to ever leave the app. WeChat can be your WhatsApp, your Facebook, your Instagram, your PayPall, all rolled up into one app.

Moments is a WeChat feature that works similarly to Facebook’s feed. You can like, share and comment on photos shared by you or your contacts. At a first glance, it seems to only work with pictures you take or ones from your gallery. Luckily, there is a little trick that you can use to share text status updates instead of photos.

Follow our quick guide down below to learn how to share text updates in WeChat Moments.

How to Share Text Updates on WeChat Moments

1. Open WeChat and tap on Discover.


2. Select Moments, the first entry from Discover tab.


3. Instead of tapping the camera icon like you normally would when posting a photo update in moments, press and hold on the icon.


4. Type your text update, mention someone or add a location prior to hitting Send.


5. That’s about it! You can add pictures to your moments later on by clicking on the camera icon.


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