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How to Set Notification Timings or Turn them Off in WeChat


WeChat already achieved the super-app status in China, but now the app is getting more and more downloads on Apple Store and Google Play. This means western markets are finally taking notice.

WeChat is still fairly limited for the users outside China, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth downloading. A lot of features present in this app will make you wonder why Facebook and WhatsApp aren’t including them, and chances are they will soon.

But as with all messaging apps, sometimes you just need some peace of mind, far from constant clings and vibrations resulted from notifications.

Luckily, WeChat has an option that allows you to turn off chat notifications, or, even better, to set the start and end time when you can receive notifications.

Follow our quick guides down below to learn how to turn off notifications or set notification timings.

How to Turn Chat Notifications Off in WeChat

1. Tap on the contact you want to stop receiving notifications from.


2. Tap the Contact Info icon located in the top-right section of the screen.


3. Enable the toggle next to Mute Notifications.


How To Enable “Do Not Disturb” Hours in WeChat

1. Tap the Me icon and go to Settings.


2. Open the Do Not Disturb tab and enable the toggle for it.


3. Tap on Start and select the time you want to stop receiving notification in WeChat.


4. Tap on End and set the time you want to begin receiving notifications again. Hit OK and you are good to go.


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