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Hidden Secret Codes for Android Phone Users


Software developers are known to craft secret passageways or easter eggs in their software that can only be accessed by having the right key. Well, since our world is increasingly digitized, we get access to all kinds of information that would be impossible to find just years ago.

Android has its fair share of secret codes hidden within itself. These codes were originally developed by software engineers and developers who worked on this operating system as means to troubleshoot and perform various procedures that were inaccessible to the wide audience.

Lucky for us, they have now become fairly accessible to regular audiences, although not all of them work anymore. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to create a curated list of Android secret codes that are still working.

Note: All the codes below are to be inserted inside your phone dial box.

Reinstall Firmware

*2767*3855#   This is without question the easiest way to reinstall your default firmware. Of course , your first firmware might be outdated by now so consider using a 3rd party software that connects your phone to your computer if you want newer firmware.

Camera Information

*#*#34971539#*#*   This code is actually very useful to see exactly what type of camera a phone has. Since you can’t really trust a marketer’s attempts to sell you a device with good video capturing features, type this code to see all the information about the camera. And remember, megapixels aren’t the only important things.

Factory Reset

*#*#7780#*#*   A quicker way to do a factory reset to your phone. The other way is to go to Settings > Backup & Restore > Factory Reset.

GPS Test

*#*#1575#*#*   Ever wondered why your Android GPS often gets your location wrong and you end up driving into dead ends? It may be a problem with your GPS receiver. You can use this code to test how well your phone GPS is actually working.

Encryption Information

*#32489#   Phone carriers should at least, in theory, use some kind of encryption to protect you and your calls. You can test and see the encryption type by entering this code.

Battery Status

#0228#   If your Android version is Lollipop or beyond, chances are you don’t get exact measurements of your battery status. You can see more information about this subject by using this code.

Data Usage Stats

*# 3282 * 727 336*#   Are you convinced you used fewer data that your phone company claimed you did? Put it to the test by using this code.

WLAN Testing

526#*#*#*#* or 528#*#*#*#*   If you are unable to connect or see inconsistencies when you are connecting to various Wi-Fi spots, there might be a problem with your Android Wireless Lan Network Adapter. You can it’s status and even perform a reset by typing one of these two codes.

Check FTA Software

*#*#1111#*#*   Use this code to find out your Android device’s firmware and what type of software it uses.

Check FTA Hardware

*#*#2222#*#*   To find out the specs of your phone and see what kind of hardware it uses, type this code inside your dial box.

Diagnostics Settings

*#9090#   If you ever want to view the settings configuration of your phone’s diagnostic testing, use this code. Some phones even have an option of running a full diagnostic test after inserting this code.

Back Up Media Files

*#*#*273 283 255* 663 282*#*#*   This code will create a full backup with all your media files. Nice and easy!

Enable Testing Services

*#*#*#*#197328640   With this code, you can activate Testing Services Mode. After you have enabled them, you should be able to to see the new menu under Settings > Testing Menu.

3D Testing Module

3845 #*920#   This code will bring up a hidden 3D settings test. The test is designed to determine if your device is capable of rendering 3D modules. This code won’t work on all Android devices.

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