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Run Windows 95 on Android – The Easy Way


In the 90s, you needed to have a high-end computer in order to run a demanding operating system like Windows 95. Now, you can run it comfortably on almost any low-end Android device.

Now keep in mind that this won’t serve you in any practical way. You will have a limited screen size and will have to rely solely on touch gestures. But I guess it would allow you to show off in front of your group of friends.

Depending on your specs, you will or will not experience some lagging. Make sure you have at least 512MB RAM and SD card with more than 2GB of free space. The whole booting process will take about 10 minutes.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Running Windows 95 on Android

1. Download W95.img file from the link below. If you have your own image, you can use that. It should work with any other version.

Download Windows 95 image

2. Visit the link below from your smartphone, download & install Limbo PC Emulator.

Download Limbo PC Emulator

3. Connect your Android device to a computer via a USB cable. Access the SD card, find the Limbo folder and paste the Windows 95 image there. The Limbo folder is usually located in *Name of your phone*/SD card/Limbo.

4. Open the Limbo app on your Android and change Load VM to New by touching on the corresponding pin.

5. Change the User Interface from VNC to SDL.

6. Find the CPU Model and select qemu32.

7. Under CPU Cores, select 4.

8. Select the appropriate RAM Memory. Typically, it should be over 200 MB to avoid long periods of lagging.

9. Tap on Hard Disk A and select Open. Select the Windows .img file that you previously copied inside Limbo.

10. We are ready to run Windows 95 on Android. Scroll back up top and tap on Start.

11. Depending on your specs, it might take a while to boot.

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