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How to Run Multiple Instances of Nox App Player on PC


Nox App Player is a performance-oriented Android emulator with great compatibility when it comes to apps and games. Because it’s based on Android 4.4.2 and its X86/AMD compatible, it will run even the latest games at a decent frame-rate on low-to-medium systems.

Even though Nox is already an excellent emulator full of native Android features, one feature stands out from the crowd. The ability to run multiple Android instances at the same time is the main thing why Nox is constantly gaining new users.

Follow our guide down below to learn how to open multiple Android instances with Nox app player on your PC.

How to Run Multiple Android Instances with Nox App Player

1. Double-click on the Multi-drive Nox icon on your desktop. It will install when you install Nox App Player.


2. At the bottom of the multi-drive window, there is an option to select either Raw or Nox.

  • Raw means a completely new Android instance
  • Nox means creating a clone of the existing Android instance

Select an option depending on your preference and hit Add Emulator.


3. Wait until the new Android instance is created.


4. After the new instance is successfully created, click the pencil icon to rename your instance.


5. Click the Start button to run your newly created instance. You can also start the old instance from Multi-drive.


6. You can now run multiple instances of Nox App Player at the same time. Depending on your system specifications, you can run unlimited Nox Android Instances.


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