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How to Run Damn Small Linux on Android


As you probably know, Android is already powered by the strength of Linux. But did you know you can make use of your Android multi-core processing power to run a full-flagged version of Linux alongside the existing Android mobile OS?

Don’t go thinking this is only suitable for powerful Android flagships, that’s not the case. This method will enable you to run Linux on low-end Android devices, given that you can handle a little lag.

With this in mind, let’s see how to install Damn Small Linux on Android.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Damn Small Linux on Android

1. Visit the link down below and download Damn Small Linux ISO image.

Download Damn Small Linux

Note: You can also download the image directly on your Android device, but make sure you extract the image and move it to the root folder of your Android’s internal storage.

2. Download and install Limbo PC Emulator from Google Play Store.

Download Limbo PC Emulator

3. Open Limbo PC Emulator and create a New Machine.

4. Change the CPU model to coreduo.

5. Make sure you allocate more than 200 MB of RAM to Linux.

6. Expand the CDROM tab and select Linux image.

7. Set the VGA Display to std.

8. Open the Network tab and select User.

9. Scroll back up top and hit the Start icon.

10. Wait until Linux boots up. It shouldn’t take long.

And, this is what you’ll finally see…

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