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How to Record your Android Screen



Android has always been known for its versatility, but some tasks were huge time killers back in the early days. This was the case with screen recording in the past, as you would have been required to connect your Android device to a PC in order to screen record.

Now there’re tons of free screen recording apps in Google Play, but we are going to feature one that is both efficient and accessible for all kinds of audiences.

Rec. is a screen recording app for Android that is both pretty and powerful. The interface allows you to quickly set the size, bit rate, duration, audio recording and name before you tap the “Record” button.

Rec. is designed to work seamlessly on all Android 5.0+ Lollipop devices. If you’re still on Kit Kat (4.4) however, there’s still a chance for Rec. to work, but you need to have a root access on your device.

Follow the steps down below to find out how to screen record with Rec.

How to Record your Android Screen with Rec.

1. Download & Install Rec. from Google Play Store.

Download from Google Play

rec screen recorder

2. Start Rec and decide on the size of your recording.

change size rec

3. Insert the desired bit rate of your future video.

bit rate

4. Set the maximum duration of the screen recording.

duration recrec masimum duration

5. Name the Mp4 file.

name mp4 file

6. Hit Record and then Start Now to begin screen recording your Android device.

record rec

7. Use the countdown to get ready for the shoot, then record whatever you plan to.

recording countdown

8. If you have to stop the recording sooner than you’ve planned, swipe down to bring the notification bar and tap on Rec‘s notification.

notification bar rec

9. You can find your screen recordings in Gallery under Rec folder.

rec galleryappdosh

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