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Read WhatsApp Messages Without Alerting the Sender



Do you find yourself tempted to read a WhatsApp message received from a contact that you don’t have the mood to respond to?

As you’ve probably aware of, when you normally open a message in WhatsApp, the sender is notified by those blue ticks, so he’ll be waiting for a reply. If you fail to respond promptly, he might think that you’re avoiding him/her and that could cause further problems. I recently found this neat trick and thought I share it with you guys.

Steps to “Escape” from WhatsApp “Read” Alert

1. In order to read a message without the sender being notified, put your phone on Airplane Mode. This deactivates any mobile data connection so that WhatsApp servers don’t know if you’ve read the message or not.


2. After reading the message don’t turn Airplane Mode OFF immediately.


3. Instead, close WhatsApp application first and then turn OFF Airplane Mode to resume your connections.


Check out another way to disable WhatsApp’s blue ticks. The downside is, with this method you will not be notified when a contact reads your message as well.

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