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How to Protect Against QuadRooter on Android



Chances are you’re already in sync with the recent tech meltdown. Yes, we’re talking about the newly discovered Android vulnerabilities – QuadRooter. If you haven’t read anything about QuadRooter yet, check out our article with facts about QuadRooter vulnerabilities.

Once you’re updated with the facts, let’s see what you can do to protect yourself against this set of four vulnerabilities.

Identify your Vulnerabilities

First things first, check whether your device is vulnerable to QuadRooter. Check Point, the security researchers that identified the four vulnerabilities, have developed an app capable of pinpointing which vulnerability can be exploited on your device.

Download QuadRooter Scanner from Google Play Store.

Download from Google Play

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Warning!!! Stay away from copycats and look for the Check Point Labs publisher name. New apps are surfacing every day, claiming to do the same thing, but the majority of them are adwares and malwares.

Stay Updated

Make sure you update to the latest available version of Android. If your device is fairly new, then chances are you already got a security fix that will protect against 3 of the 4 vulnerabilities. Nexus devices already received an OTA update specifically for QuadRooter.

On top of that, update to the latest version of Google Play, Verify Apps, and Safety Net. Google already updated these apps with enhanced protection capabilities against QuadRooter.

Install a Mobile Security App with Anti-QuadRooter capabilities

Mobile security services are a good option to add another layer of protection to your Android device. If you brought apps or in-app purchases with your credit card then you should seriously consider an Android antivirus.

Although a lot of Android Security apps include QuadRooter protection, we selected Avast Mobile Security because they were among the first who guarded against this issue.

Download from Google Play

Protect yourself

You have to understand that if someone actually exploits a vulnerability and gains root access to your device, a big part of the blame will be on yourself. Stay out of trouble by not installing sketchy new apps.

If you decide to do it, look for positive reviews and a reasonable number of downloads (at least 100k). Don’t even think about sideloading apps or downloading them from an obscure app store. Do it from a popular source like Google Play or Amazon.

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