How to Run Multiple Instances of Nox App Player on PC

Nox App Player is a performance-oriented Android emulator with great compatibility when it comes to apps and games. Because it’s based on Android 4.4.2 and its X86/AMD compatible, it will run even the latest games at a decent frame-rate on low-to-medium systems. Even though Nox is already an excellent emulator full of native Android features, one […]

How to Install and Run Genymotion on Windows

How to Install Adblock Plus on Android

Are you getting tired of browsing through countless intrusive and annoying ads? Looking for an ad blocker for your Android smartphone or tablet? Adblock Plus is your most popular option, and the most reliable one. When it was first launched, AdBlock Plus was available directly from Google Play Store, but that didn’t last long. Google removed […]

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