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How to Move or Export an Android Studio Project


Android Studio has become the most convenient IDE for Android development, outsmarting Eclipse. Compared to Eclipse, a lot of things are simplified in AS, and the auto-complete tool is perfect for coding beginners still learning the basics of Android.

If you are operating from multiple workstations, it’s essential to be able to migrate your projects to any PC. This way you can fix bugs without depending on a single system.

Although the procedure is quite simple, most first-time users try to move their project to another PC with Export. This seems like the logical thing to do, but in Android Studio exporting a project basically means compiling it to apk.

In this post, we are going to show you a simple and practical way of moving your Android Studio project files via Dropbox or memory stick.

How to Migrate Android Studio Project to Another Computer

1. Locate your Android Studio Projects folder. The default location is C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AndroidStudioProjects\YOURPROJECT.

2.  Right-click > Copy the project you are trying to migrate.

copy android studio project

3. Paste the project on a memory stick or drag & drop it to Dropbox.

drag & drop to dropbox

4. Copy the project to the other PC.

download dropbox

5. Open Android Studio and click on Open an existing Android Studio project.

6. Select your project and hit OK.

moving android studio project

7. Ignore the error, hit OK and continue working on your project. That’s it.

android sdk

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