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Move Android Apps to SD Card with Link2SD (Rooted Device)



From what we gathered, people decide to root their Android device mostly because of its internal space limitations. It doesn’t matter if you have a 64 GB SD card and move all your apps there. If you keep installing apps, at some point your internal storage space will become full. That happens because most of the big apps store their majority of files on internal memory despite your preferences.

The good news is, if you have a rooted device, there’s a way around all that, and we’ve explained the whole thing in detail below.

How to Move App (Data) to SD Card using Link2SD

1. Download & Install Link2SD from Google Play Store.


2. When you first start Link2SD you will have to allow the request for root permissions, select Allow.


3. When asked which file system to use for the second partition select ext4. This will create a second partition on your SD card that will be used to move App data.


4. After the partition has been created, select Reboot Device.


5. When moving an app, first make use of the Move to SD feature.


6. If you’re still not happy with the space cleared, you can move application data by selecting Link to SD Card. This will move those types of files that would normally be required to be present on internal storage.


7. Good job! Now you can install a multitude of apps without worrying too much about the storage space.


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