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Creating a Cross Platform Business App with Appy Pie



Appy Pie is a well made DIY service that lets you create beautifully designed business and productivity apps with zero coding. Yes No Coding!

We already covered how to create games from popular templates without any coding knowledge using QuickApp Ninja. Unfortunately, QuickApp Ninja only features game templates, so if you’re looking to create a business or productivity app, you have to turn your eyes elsewhere.

Appy Pie offers both free and paid account. If you choose a free account instead of a paid one, your app will feature Appy Pie’s ads and watermarks. On top of that, a free account won’t allow you to edit or update your app, and you don’t have the option to publish under your developer account. This means you can’t send push notifications, use Google analytics or earn money via ads.

Regardless of the app you plan on making, this following guide will give you an idea on what Appy Pie platform is all about.

How to Create a Business or Productivity App with Appy Pie

1. Visit Appy Pie website and click on Create App.

Visit Appy Pie


2. Begin by selecting the platform you plan on launching on.


3. Enter the name of your app and select a category from the list.


4. Select a theme and hit Next.


5. Construct your app by adding the App Pages that you think will work for your app. There’s a huge selection of App Pages, so try to restrict your selection to things you really need.


6. Click each of the App Pages you added and insert the required information.


7. Hit Build. Log in with your existing account or create a new one.


8. Wait until the app is generated and download the apk. From our experience with Appy Pie, the average waiting time is around 2 hours.

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