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Keep Your Conversations Private & Secure on Google Allo



The tech giant Google just launched its new messaging app dubbed Allo, and we happen to think it’s neat. Google Assistant is super smart and we really appreciate Google’s efforts to take instant messaging to the next level, but there are some concerns about Google’s habit of storing your messages on their servers.

The company explains this decision by reasoning that the chatbot needs to learn your interests and style of conversation in order to provide good suggestions – that’s why Google needs to read all your messages.

Oddly enough, Allo can allow you to use end-to-end encryption, but you must go the extra mile and use a built-in feature called Incognito Mode.

If you’re a privacy freak who likes Google’s new product, here’s a middle ground solution that allows you to keep your messages safe from prying eyes on Allo.

Just remember that Google Assistant won’t be available when you converse inside Incognito Mode.

How to use Incognito Mode on Google Allo

1. First things first, if you already texted something incriminating on Allo, you can quickly delete it by long-pressing on the contact icon and hit Delete.


2. In order to start a conversation in Incognito mode, tap the message icon and select Start incognito chat.


3. This is Google’s Allo Incognito Mode. You can set a self-destruction timer to your messages by tapping the timer icon and selecting a period of time.


4. Your message should self-destruct after the period of time that you previously set.


That’s about it. Enjoy Google’s new instant messaging client and stay safe !

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