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How to Import Excel File into SQLite Database



Let’s say you’re building a new app. If you worked on your app database using Excel, you’re probably looking for an easy way to efficiently import to an SQLite database with little effort. This post will guide you through it!

How to Import Excel file into SQlite Database

1. Download and install SQLite Expert software and keep it ready.

2. Open the Excel file that you want to import into SQLite Database.


3. Click on File>Save As.


4. Go over to Save as type and select CSV. Save it.


5. Open your SQLite manager, find the Import/Export tab and select Import text file.


6. Insert the file you want to be imported under the Source tab. Make sure the Delimiter is set to Comma. Depending on your need, you may choose to import into a New table or insert into an Existing table. If you want to override your existing data, tick Delete existing data.


Note:  If your excel file contains file names on the first row, make sure to tick Field names on first row under Options.


7. That’s All! Your excel file is successfully imported to an SQLite Database.


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