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How to View Web Page Source Code in Android



Every desktop browser has an option that enables users to view the source code of a web page. But when you’re on the go, mobile web-browsers don’t have an obvious way of reading the source code of a page.

However, there are several ways to do this on Android, but we are going to showcase the easiest and efficient methods. Read all about it down below.

How to view Page Source with Chrome in Android

1. Open Chrome and access the page of which you plan on reading the source code.


2. Insert “view-source:” at the beginning of the web address and hit OK.

view source code

3. Read the source code of the page.

page source code

How to view Page Source with VT View Source on Android

1. Download VT View Source from Google Play Store.

Download from Play Store

vt view source

2. Open VT View Source and insert the web page address.

vt view source address

3. Wait until it loads and view the source code.

source code

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