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How to use the Reading List on iOS Devices



The Reading List of iOS is a great way of saving web pages that you plan on reading later. The stand out feature of Reading List is the offline reading function. This allows you to preload articles and web pages on your iOS device before you run out of mobile data or enable airplane mode. You can re-visit the links and read the articles without any internet connection. See how to use iOS Reading List below.

How to use the Reading List on iOS Devices

1. Start the Safari browser and open up the web page you plan on adding to your Reading List.


2. Once the page is fully loaded, select the Share icon at the bottom of your screen.


3. From the Share sheet, select Add to Reading List. The page will be downloaded and saved for you to read later.


4. To access articles from the Reading List, launch Safari and touch on the Bookmark button.


5.  Select the icon with the reading glasses and tap on any article to begin your session.


6. Once you’re finished with your reading and close Safari, the article will be moved from the Unread Section.


7. The next time you’ll open the Reading List, you will only see the articles that are not yet read.

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