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How to use a PC Keyboard in Android Studio Emulator



A lot of times, when you’re developing an app that requires users to type, it becomes frustrating to test it with the default settings in Android Studio.

This happens because it’s considerably harder to type using the emulator keyboard than it is on your PC keyboard. In order to switch the default keyboard in Android emulator, you’ll have to change some settings in AVD Manager.

Read all about it down below.

How to type in Android Emulator using PC Keyboard

1. Open Android Studio and go to Tools > Android > AVD Manager

AVD Manager

2. Hit the Edit icon of the emulator you want to use your keyboard on.

edit emulator

3. Tap on Show Advanced Settings.

advanced settings android studio

4. Scroll down and Enable keyboard input.

enable keyboard

5. Launch the emulator and use your PC keyboard.

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