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How to Send a Message to Multiple Contacts in WhatsApp


Broadcasting to a list in WhastApp is similar to the BCC option when sending an email. The advantage of using the “Broadcast List” feature instead of a group SMS is that this option is free of charge. The replies you receive from this type of message will be visible only to you.

WhatsApp enables you to save entire lists, so you can quickly send multiple messages to your friends without having to manually select them each time.

How to Create a Broadcast List in WhatsApp

1. Open WhatsApp and select the menu located in the top-right section of the screen.

three dot

2.  From that menu tab select New broadcast.

.new broadcast

3. Type in your contact names to add recipients from your list or tap on the “+” icon and manually select each one. Tap DONE to review your selected contacts.

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4. When you’re ready to broadcast select Create. This will open a broadcast list with all your selected contacts.You can send your message by typing it in the box.

2 recipients

Keep in mind that only people who have you in their contact list will receive this type of message. Your contacts will receive the broadcast as a normal message and their reply will be sent to you separately. The messages you receive from them will also appear as a normal message in your notifications.

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