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How to Share Your Location on Facebook Messenger


If you’re on the latest version of Facebook Messenger and frequently use it to organize meetups with your friends (among other things), you should know that the instant messaging client now allows you to share a live location with any contact in your list.

If you still have a Messenger update pending on your smartphone make sure you let it install before you attempt to use this feature.

How to Share Location With Friends Using Facebook Messenger

1. If you need to share your location with a friend, tap on the More icon and select Location.

2.  Make sure your location is set to Accurate and tap Share Live Location.

Note: It is preferable to use your mobile data when sharing your live location since it’s much more accurate than a Wi-Fi connection.

3. You can stop the live broadcast of your location at any time by tapping on Stop Sharing.

That’s it.

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