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How to Share GIFs to Instagram with Giphy


There’s no question about it, GIFs are taking over social media. While other platforms adapted to the trend and made it easier for users to share GIFs, Instagram just won’t accept them.

If let’s say, you upload a GIF to Instagram, you will simply end up posting the first frame only. That’s not good at all. So how do you upload GIFs to Instagram?

Well, you need a 3rd party app, and we chose the hugely popular Giphy app for this particular task.

How to Share a GIF on Instagram using Giphy

1. Download & install GIPHY from Play Store or App Store, depending on your OS.

2. Find a GIF you want to share and tap on the “More Sharing Options” icon.

Note: If you don’t find a GIF to your liking, you can upload it on Giphy easily.

3. Tap on the Instagram icon and wait a while until the app converts it into a format compatible with Instagram.

4. Cycle to your editing options to achieve the best outcome possible. Hit Next when you’re done.

5. Insert a title and a location (optionally) and hit Share.

That’s it. As simple as that.

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