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How to Restrict Content in Google Play Store


Kids are getting extremely good with technology these days. You’d be surprised with the things a toddler can do with Android phone or tablet. But letting our young ones navigate freely can be troublesome because they can easily run into explicit content.

You can avoid this entirely by limiting the content available on Google Play.

Follow our quick guide below to see how to keep your kids away from adult content on Google Play Store.

How to Restrict Content in Google Play Store

1. Open Google Play Store and tap on the Actions icon.

2. Scroll down and tap on Settings.

3. Tap on Parental Controls and enable it from the next screen.

4. Insert a new pin to serve as a security layer. Insert it once again to confirm.

5. Tap on Apps & Games and set the appropriate PEGI. Hit Save when you’re done.

6. Go back to Parental Controls and tap on Music. Make sure you enable restriction for explicit content providers and hit Save.

7. Go all the way back to Settings and tap on Require authentication to purchases. Make sure you set it to ask for each purchase.

That’s it. Now you can safely let your kid browse through Google Play Store.

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