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How to Move Whatsapp Conversations to Other Devices



WhatsApp is slowly becoming the most famous communication tool on earth, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Prior to the last major updates, the process of transferring WhatApp conversations and media from one device to another was a hard and confusing process. Now, since its integration with Google Drive, transferring your chat history is as easy at it can get. See how you can do it in a matter of minutes down below.

How to Transfer Whatsapp Conversations to Another Device

1. Open WhatsApp, tap on the settings tab and select Settings.

whatsapp settingswhatsapp settings t


2. Go to Chats>Chat Backup.

whatsapp chatswhatsapp chat backup

3. Make sure you insert a correct email account as it will be used to store your conversations. Hit BACK UP and wait until your messages are being stored.

back up whatsapp chatsbacking up whatsapp messages

4. Switch to your new device and add the same google account you used to back-up your WhatsApp messages.

google account

5. Launch Whatsapp and verify your number.

launch whatsappverify your phone number

6. Wait until your back up is found on you Google Account and hit Restore to recover all your conversations.

looking for backupsrestore conversations whatsapp

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