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How to Make Users Hooked over Your Android Game


With the right marketing strategies, you can get a decent number of installs, even if your app isn’t the brightest of all in Play Store. However, getting them to keep coming back to your game instead of going for the next big thing, is a whole other deal. With increasingly stiff competition, getting players engaged with your game is the key to making your game successful. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the most successful strategies that will convince players to keep playing your game:

Implement Sign-in with Google account

This first step is vital in opening new ways to increase the engagement ratio of your game. In order to use Google Play game services, you need to set up user sign-in authentication with Google. This also helps if you have a game that requires authentication because users don’t have to waste time inserting their user credentials. With a Google account, it’s all done automatically.

Stimulate their Sense of Competition with Leaderboards

A huge percentage of players are competitive by nature and developers adapted to exploit that trait. Most of them look forward to comparing their skills and achievements against others, and leaderboards fulfill that need. The perspective of being able to rub a higher ranking into their friends face is enough for most of them to put extra hours in your game.

Google Play Services allows developers to create up to 70 leaderboards. Daily, weekly, yearly and all-time are just a few of the leaderboards available to track scores that can be compared with the general public or with friends.

Save User Game Progression to Google’s Servers

Using the Saved Games service, you are able to synchronize and save data. This will enable your players to pick up where they left off at any given moment, on any Android device (smartphone, tablet or Android TV).

Add Achievements to Your Game

Another great way to stimulate the engagement of your users is by adding achievements. Use this Google Play service to create a series of tasks that will reward your players upon completion. You can also use achievements to make users experiment with features of your game they don’t normally use and encourage them to go through multiple play times.

Step up Your Game with Quests

Quests are yet another in-game addition that will improve your engagement rating. Consider making them time-dependent and make the reward for completing worth their time. Depending on your type of game, you can reward players with items, lives or even some of the premium content for the hardest quests.

Add Multiplayer to Your Game

You probably think spending another month on developing multiplayer capabilities to your game isn’t worth your time, but hear me out. The ultimate engagement method is to set up the grounds for player vs player action. The best thing is, it’s not even that hard to implement multiplayer anymore. Using Google Play services you can easily add multiplayer components to almost any type of game, real-time or turn-based. The Nearby Connections API makes it possible to discover and connect to other devices in a network.

Following these tips can definitely help in better game development and user engagement.

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