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How to Install Kali Linux on Android without Root


Arguably the favorite operating system for white hat hackers, Kali Linux is especially used by security experts and pen testers around the world. The reason why it’s part of every expert’s toolbox is because it allows for advanced testing techniques and security checks while maintaining an accessible interface.

Regardless of how you plan on using Kali Linux, we created a step-by-step guide on installing and running it on your Android device.

Before you begin the installation, take a look at the requirements of installing Kali Linux on your Android.


  • Fully Charged Android Battery
  • Decent Internet Connection
  • At least 4 GB of Free Space

How to install Kali Linux on Android – Step By Step Guide

1. Download the 32 bit light version of Kali Linux from the button below.

Download Kali Linux Light

Note: If the download doesn’t start, visit this link, look for Kali 32 bit Light and click on ISO.

2. If you downloaded from a PC, connect your Android via an USB cable and copy the Kali Linux on it. Make sure you have enough space.

3. Download and install Limbo PC Emulator from Google Play Store.

Download Limbo PC Emulator

4. Open Limbo and create a New profile. Name it whatever you want.

5. Make sure Architecture is set to x86.

6. Set the CPU Model to 4 cores.

7. Assign at least 256 MB of RAM. If you have a device with over 1 GB of RAM, you should assign more. It will run faster.

8. Create a Hard Disk and give it at least 4 GB.

9. Under the CDROM tab, open the Kali Linux iso.

10. Set Network to User.

11. Scroll back up and hit the Start icon to boot up Kali Linux.

12. Either install it or run a live image. Either way, it will take some time to boot and install, depending on your smartphone’s specs.


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