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How to Install Android APK in AMIDuOS on Windows



AMIDuOS provides a full Android experience on Windows devices. Because it fully runs on Windows hardware, DuOS looks awesome and performs with no limitations. Due to the fact that AMIDuOS supports 3D acceleration, you can enjoy a superior gaming experience on low-end Windows PCs and laptops that could only be achieved on the latest smartphone flagships.

The apps and games will run in the native x86 mode to provide stellar performance, but, DuOS is also capable of running in ARM mode if the need arises.

Even though DuOS comes with a preinstalled version of Amazon Store and you can install any app store you want, there’s still the option to install apps in DuOS from an APK.

Even though the steps are simple, we compiled a guide that showcases how to download and install Android apps (.apk) directly to DuOS.

Installing Android APKs from Windows in AMIDuOS

1. Download a .apk file to your system. If you don’t know where to get APKs, download apks.


2. With the APK downloaded, right-click to it and select Apply to DuOS.


3. Wait until the installation is complete, you’ll get windows notification.


4. You can either open the new app from the notification window or by accessing it  from inside DuOS.


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