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How to Install Adblock Plus on Android


Are you getting tired of browsing through countless intrusive and annoying ads? Looking for an ad blocker for your Android smartphone or tablet? Adblock Plus is your most popular option, and the most reliable one. When it was first launched, AdBlock Plus was available directly from Google Play Store, but that didn’t last long. Google removed it because of interfering with other services and products.

Of course, you can still install and configure AdBlock Plus, but the steps are a little more complicated.

Follow our guide down below to see how to install and configure AdBlock Plus on Android devices.

How to Configure AdBlock Plus for Android

1. Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources.


2. Visit Adblock Plus website and download the APK.

AdBlock Plus


3. Install AdBlock Plus on your Android device.


4. Open AdBlock Plus, make sure Filtering is enabled and tap on Configure.


5. Open Wi-FI Settings and tap on More Settings.


6. Tap and hold on the network you are connected to.


7. Select Modify Network.


8. Enable Advanced options and select Manual Proxy.


9. Under Proxy hostname insert “localhost” and Proxy port2020“.


10. Save the modifications and wait a while. If AdBlock doesn’t start blocking ads after a few minutes restart your device.


Note: Adblock Plus for Android only works via Wi-Fi and requires proxy configurations to install correctly.

Adblock Browser


If you’re looking for a simple ad blocking app, we recommend installing Adblock Browser. The downside is, the browser gets little slow.

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