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How to Fix Genymotion “Virtual device got no IP Address” Error


If you have been struggling with Genymotion’s “Unable to Start Device, The Virtual Device got no IP address” you arrived at the right place.

Although this problem can have multiple causes, we put together a guide that will almost definitely solve your Genymotion “Unable to start virtual device” error.

Follow the guide down below to get Genymotion’s emulator going again.

How to Fix Genymotion “Virtual device got no IP Address” Error

The Virtualization Technology is required by almost all Genymotion Virtual Devices to work properly.

If hardware virtualization is disabled on your system by default, you will have to enable it manually for Genymotion virtual devices to work on your computer.

1. Go into your BIOS, look for a Virtualisation setting and enable it.

Note: Names and categories in BIOS differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you should find a setting called “Virtualisation technology” or “virtualization harware“.

2. Restart your system and see if Genymotion is working. If not, follow on with the guide.

3. Find and open Oracle VM VirtualBox.

4. Select your Genymotion emulator, right-click on it and select Settings.

5. Click the General tab, expand the Basic tab and select the correct OS type and Version. Make sure to save changes.

6. Restart Genymotion and try again. Genymotion emulator should be working without errors.

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