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How to Fake a Call on Android


The rapid phase in which we live our lives guarantees a fair number of awkward situations. And don’t even get me started with those boring situations where you would do anything just to get out of them. Luckily, the world is full of excuses if you’re smart enough to pull it off. My number one method of getting out of unpleasant situations is to fake a call.

As you would expect, the Android store has a lot of apps capable of doing this, but I’m a stickler for simple things so I prefer Fake Call.

Follow the steps down below to fake a call and get out of awkward or boring situations.

How to Fake a Call on Android with Fake Call

1. Download and install Fake Call from Google Play Store.

2. Open the app, tap on the contact icon and select a number from your list. A safe bet is to go with Mom or Work.

3. Next, tap on Delay and select the period in which you will receive the fake call.

4. Tap on Incoming interface and make sure you select one that matches with your device.

5. Optionally, you can change your Ringtone, but it’s best to leave the default one since it will automatically match your usual call ringtone.

6. Hit Save and wait for the call to come in.

7. Say that you gotta take this and be on your way.

That’s it.

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