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Create Custom Emojis and Share them on Your Phone



There are times when you feel the need to express yourself through emojis, but you just can’t find one that portraits what you have in mind. In cases like this, you can use this awesome app that will help you transform any picture (your own or from the web) into a custom emoji that you can share on social media.

Here’s a quick guide on how to install and use the Imoji app.

How to Create a Custom Emoji with Imoji

1. Download & install Imoji from Google Play store or iTunes.

Visit App

imoji store

2.  Open the app and tap the + button to begin the creation of your custom emoji.

plus imoji

3. Take the photo yourself or choose one from your gallery by tapping Photo Library.

take photo imoji

4. Adjust the image and hit the arrow icon twice.

choose picture imojiconfirm picture imoji

5. Select whether you want your emoji to be public for others to use or private. If you want to create a custom emoji, add a tagline so others can find and use it. Tap the checkmark once you’re ready to go.

private public imojipublic imoji

6. In order to send your custom emoji, tap one from your collection and select the channel you want to share on.

send imojiimoji

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