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How to Create and Manage WhatsApp Groups from WhatsApp Web



Whatsapp’s developers have taken a huge step in making their users communication experience as comfortable as they can. Using WhatsApp Web, users can now send messages via a large keyboard and read them on a big computer screen. WhatsApp Web can be used on any computer, you just need to scan the QR Code with your smartphone.

whatsapp QR code

Similar to the app, in WhatsApp Web, you can easily create and manage groups. Although the steps are almost the same, the only major difference is that you can do it directly from your browser. Here’s how to manage groups on WhatsApp Web.

How to Create a Group in WhatsApp Web

1. Tap the Menu icon and select New Group.

whatsapp menu

2. Click on ADD GROUP ICON in order to add an image to your group. This is entirely optional.

add group icon

3. Under Group Subject, type the name of your group. Remember that there’s a maximum limit of 25 characters. The good news is you can also add emojis to your group name.

whatsapp group subject

4. Add participants to your group by clicking on them or by typing their name in the box. Hit OK to complete the creation of your group.

add group participants

How to Manage a Group in WhatsApp Web

1. With your group opened, expand the Menu icon and click on Group info.

group info

2. To change the group picture, tap on Change Group Icon.

change group icon

3. To change the Group name, tap the Pencil icon and insert the new name.

pencil icon whatsapp

4. To remove a participant from your group or make him an admin, hover over his name and tap on the arrow to bring up the quick actions. Following these steps, you can easily manage your WhatsApp groups.

remove participants

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